In Short Publishing Co. was officially launched in late 2015. Established in Melbourne, Australia, we produce all our books locally. 

Specifically, we publish pocket size books each containing a single story that takes around half an hour to read. We publish an array of fiction genres and select from writers who send us their new and original manuscripts from around the world.

Our goal is to give people a simplified way to read books. Fact is, books generally take a while to chew through and most of us have started more books than we’ve finished. Pondering this dilemma, we figured, why not shorter books?

Fast-forward a couple of years and many think tanks, we have now published the first 25 titles of a short story collection that is set to grow. Our books are a custom size at 140x88mm and approximately 32 pages, fitting nicely in any old pocket. Light enough not to weigh you down, but weighted enough to satisfy.

Finish the books you start — that’s what we’re about! A simplified way to read. And at In Short Publishing Co. we think that’s pretty special.