Ramon Loyola

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Author: Ramon Loyola

Like any other schoolgirl, Samira just wants to make friends. When she meets Brooke, the promise of friendship becomes enticing, but the actions and words of a select few threaten their hopeful bond.

RAMON LOYOLA writes poetry, fiction and non-fiction, and is the author of four books of poetry: Not Poems, Just Words (2014, MoshPit), I Look For You In Other Truths (2014, MoshPit), The Heaving Pavement (2015, MoshPit) and Swells in Tiny Rooms (2016, Blank Rune Press). His writing has appeared in various online and print publications in Australia and overseas. He is currently co-editor of the Discoursing Diaspora project of the creative arts journal Verity La. He lives in Sydney's Newtown and works as a lawyer and legal author.